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simran josan

I got my parcel on time The product is very good . material is used is reasonable for the cost . the massager is working very good.

Baljit Mohal

HBF-212 Best for weighing & monitoring body fat, good quality, must buy.

Tarun Chaudhary

Ready Mist Nebulizer Very good product. I am using very well. value of money. good price. Look wise also very good better even then the advertise picture.

Sachin kumar

I bought this for my mother she like it Beautifully warm and soft, perfect for curling up in a chair on a cold evening and reading.

Sunita Shah

I'm a nurse tech and traveling wellness specialist and the quality of this is pretty outstanding. Nice clear thumps systolic to diastolic. I like the different earpieces it comes with. Some are quite comfortable. I've used littman and I think this is just as good


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500090, India.Thanks for sending nebulizer, it was received in good condition.

Jimpy Bhgot

BPL nebulizer Product is very useful for Children as well as Old age family members, for relief from cough, this is a good product. I like it.

Deevish N D

"Product Feedback" is a good nebulizer. I've used this for my 5 month old baby. Keeping the nebulizer on for 20 minutes doesn't produce unnecessary thermal (heat) smell, which many other nebulizers do. Comes with a good carry bag. Robust design. Both Adult and Child masks are included, though the details on the site only talks about Child mask. A small cleave to be used as stand is an added boon, which is otherwise missing in other nebulizers. Good product to go for kids.


I was very impressed with this scale, it's very accurate, and has a nice sleek design, I like the fact that you don't need to tap on it first, and that you can just go right on, and it will tell you your exact weight. fast shipping and excellent packing.


DWARKA, NEW DELHI-110075, India.Packing is Excellent, product is working perfect, Very fast delivery.