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harish seju

Barmer, Rajesthan 344001, India.Total shopping experience great and outstanding customer service. Product delivered as promised. Will be doing future business and recommend them highly for quality products and exceptional customer service.

Dr.mangesh ghate

This is very good suction for my clinic use. My stall appreciate this product.

Mamta Khurana

This is a perfect weighing scale. This is really sleek and too easy to handle. We just need to stand over it and it gives accurate weight. Must at all the homes so that you would know where and how much you are gaining. There is no RESET button or anything of that sort and once the weight is displayed, it goes off after 5 seconds.

Monika Khanna

BPL Nebulizer I bought this product for my children. This Product is very useful for Children as well as Old age family members, for relief from cough, this is a good product. Easy to carry.

Uday Prakash Mandal

I had researched several days on good thermometers. Finally I decided to go with this thermometer. I'm glad this thermometer is accurate and consistent.

Sunita Shah

I'm a nurse tech and traveling wellness specialist and the quality of this is pretty outstanding. Nice clear thumps systolic to diastolic. I like the different earpieces it comes with. Some are quite comfortable. I've used littman and I think this is just as good

Rajagopalreddy SV

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.we've been using this monitor. It's SUPER easy to use, it's fast, it's convenient and it's accurate. I took it with to the doctor and tested them side by side - both this machine and the doctor's came up with the EXACT same reading.

Dnyanesh patil

Sudatta Orthopaedic Hospital Jalgaon, Maharashtra 425001.First I placed single pc order of CMS - 50E: Finger Pulse Oximeter with USB Cable. its very good product, I using it with Laptop in Hospital.

Manish Raizada

I have been using this for my father. It is a very good product and easy to install with simple installation instructions. A very good value for money.

Jatinder Mehra

I like this pedometer. It seems accurate. It is easy to setup.It's good for keeping at least an estimate of how far you've walked in a day and it also makes a great "hip watch" which I wasn't expecting, but love. I find it more convenient then a wrist watch because I keep it on my hip all day and can easily unclip it when whenever just to check the time or how far I've walked so far in a day